Download Notepad++ 4.0

logoNotepad is a code editor which replaced Notepad. This app supports different languages. You can run it in the MS window Environment.

Notepad++ 4.0 was released on 20th January 2007 with the file size 1.37 MB, under the company Notepad ++. The version ++ 4.0 brings so many undeniable goodies. It is mainly developed for Windows PC! It is user friendly and aims to reduce Carbon Dioxide.

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Download Notepad++ 4.0 RC2

logoThe notepad ++ 4.0 RC2 was released on January 14, 2008 to replace the previous versions of the notepad. The notepad is a free source code editor that works in the Microsoft environment. It supports variety of programming languages. Some of the languages that it supports are C, C++, Java ,C#, HTML, XML, JavaScript, RC file, Fortran, CSS, python and many others. Notepad which works under the GPL license contains the scintilla editing component and uses win32 API and STL. This version of the notepad has made some ground breaking changes that has made programming more easier. The regular features of notepad are syntax holding and highlighting. Multi document and multi view are also some of the important features. Macro recording and multiview along with dynamic position of views allow the programmer to have a better interface. But the biggest feature of the notepad is that it supports almost all programming languages unlike other free source code editors.

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Download Notepad++ 3.8

logoThe notepad++3.8 was released on 22th October 2006 by notepad++ as a replacement to the previous notepad. Written in c++ , it uses the powerful editing tool scintilla and runs on the Microsoft operating system. Thus free source code editor supports various programming languages. The notepad consists of latest features but hasn’t compromised user friendliness. It also increased it’s processing and execution speed  and reduced programme size. The main idea behind this version is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It uses less could CPU power which enables the PC to use less power thus curbing carbon dioxide to be released into the environment.

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