Download Notepad++ 5.0.2

logoDo you need any software to create codes? Have you ever used Notepad for this? If you have used Notepad before, then you might know how helpful is it. But what if we say, that Notepad has now more useful than before? How? Notepad++ is the answer. Notepad++ is the programme which has now replaced original Notepad, but has got more productive options for you. This application helps you in creating programmes easily. It is compatible to MS Dos. This application supports multiple languages which includes Java, C++ etc. If you are a developer than you would definitely find this application useful for your work.

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Download Notepad++ 5.0 Beta

logoIt is a free open source code editor that is a replacement for notepad. This app is run under MS environment and has various language support. It supports various programming language as well which are C, C++, Java, C#, XML, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, RC file, makefile, NFO, doxygen, INI file, batch file, ASP, VB/VBS, SQL, Objective-C, CSS, Pascal, Perl, Python, Lua, Unix Shell Script, Fortran, NSIS and Flash action script. It is great tool and is highly recommended when we have to create or edit relatively small codes. It has some great features which allow you to load any files of size, drag and drop option, colour change, replacement and many other options. Overall, it is a great application that is absolutely free and easy to use and has really good features some of them are mentioned below.

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Download Notepad++ 5.0

logoFor all the developers and programmes, Notepad has been a great application. The company has now introduced an advanced version of that old Notepad, which is known as Notepad++. It is a source code editor which allows you to create programmes using C++ language. It has got GPL licence. This programme supports multiple languages and let’s you programme the commands. This software has been designed keeping in mind about environment safety. This programme consumes less CPU which reduces the carbon emission. Indirectly,this saves our environment. This app is available for free of cost. Thus, if  you are not willing to spend money now, you can use Notepad++ for your purpose.

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Download Notepad++ 4.9.5

logoNOTEPAD++ is the source code editor along with text editor. It was put forward by Microsoft windows. This supplication is a free and an open source software. Don Ho is known as the architect of this application. He developed this app in the year of 2003. Tabbed editing feature is the newly introduced feature for multi-tasking. Higher execution speed and smaller program size is ensured by inbuilt Win32 API and STL programs as it was written in C++. Continue reading “Download Notepad++ 4.9.5”

Download Notepad++ 4.9.2

logoNote Pad++ is a text editor and a source code editor built for the usage in Microsoft Windows computers. The text and source code editor is highly function optimised and allows for users to take advantage of a tabbed interface, where multiple open files can be worked on, simultaneously. This optimises productivity and boosts the in general accuracy for code edits as a file is easily checked and verified with the other, when simultaneous tabs are opened. The name of the software makes reference to the C increment operator , that is C++.

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Download Notepad++ 4.9.1

logoA text editor, as well as source code editor associated with Microsoft Windows, is called Notepad++. Working with multiple open files within a single window is done by tabbed editing in notepad++. This software is free open source software. Don Ho developed notepad++ in September 2003. It was written in C++ and uses pure Win32 API and STL which ensures higher execution speed and smaller program size.

Features of Notepad++ 4.9.1

Notepad++ has come up with Autosave option. It supports reinterpreting the plain text files in various character encodings and even convert them to ASCII.
 You find options to control background and foreground colour, fonts, font styles, and much more. You can even create your own theme. Keyboard shortcuts are also completely available to make the editor fit for your work.
 It provides syntax highlighting and syntax folding. It finds and replaces the strings of text with regular expressions using PCRE (PEARL COMPATIBLE REGULAR EXPRESSIONS). Its GUI (Graphical User Interface) is completely customizable.
 In addition to the above, editor comes with 20 themes that you can activate under settings. Themes only change the part where you code where-as the rest remains unchanged or untouched.
 It is provided with guided indentation. you can control whether tabs aligned vertically, horizontally or behind one another.
 It has a very active community behind it and is available in many languages. The editor only take up about only 4mb on your hard drive.
 It supports more than fifty programming, scripting and mark up languages. It is highly portable and even run from a USB stick.
 Line bookmarking, macros, simultaneous editing, line operations are also some of the features of notepad++.

How to download Notepad++?

Download the software by clicking on the link provided to experience best text editing.

Download Notepad++

Download Notepad++ 4.9

logoA text editor and source code editor for use with Microsoft Windows is called Notepad++. Working with multiple open files within a single window is done by tabbed editing in notepad++. This software is distributed as free software. Don Ho developed notepad++ in September 2003. In 2011 Lifehacker described notepad++ as the best programming text editor for windows. It was written in C++ and uses pure Win32 API and STL which ensures higher execution speed and smaller program size.

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Download Notepad++ 4.9 Beta

logoNotepad++ is a content manager and source code supervisor for use with Microsoft Windows. Notepad++ is pleasantly set up for fundamental Java editing, as it gives you line numbers (as does the JVM, when it cautions you of code blunders), and linguistic structure shading – that is, it hues distinctive bits of code diverse hues, so you can perceive what they mean in the code movement. The main component of Notepad++ is Scintilla which is very powerful than in classic Notepad. It operates on C++ and uses only Win32 API and STL which guarantees a higher execution speed and littler program measure.

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Download Notepad++ 4.8.5

logoNotepad++ is essentially a free source code editor and is the successor of Notepad. The software supports various different computer programs and helps the users to edit these computer programs. Notepad++is however only available for Microsoft Windows computers and is absolutely free of cost. The software runs on GNU General Public License version 2 and supports tabbed editing. Notepad++ is a fairly easy to use software and anyone can easily use this software. The software basically uses the Scintilla editing component and is voted one of the best source code editing apps for Windows.

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Download Notepad++ 4.8.2

logoThe human being is different from all other animals in many regards to our perspective, but essentially there is only one difference that has shaped the humans to become the only specie that controls the entire earth. That one difference is the ability to create and craft tools from the available resources. It was long ago, when we learnt to create tools, and discovered the uses of fire, but it took several years for these skills to creating tools to be perfected by man. In exactly that regard, we have since been creating and inventing tools that help us lead our lives better. It could mean anything, from clothes, to homes, to farming, to language, to education, to technology and all the other things that it is accompanied by. With progressing time our rate of inventing tools has exponentially increased. With the television and radio a thing of the past, the computer, the mobile phone and the internet are things that are out tools in he daily lives that we lead. Even with all this development in the row and progress of our efforts, we still strive for better and better. This nature to adapt before time is what drives us and has kept us not only surviving , but incredibly thriving. Computers are a tool that are to lead to the next chain of progress in the kind of civilization that we will have, and coding is how we communicate with.  Notepad++ is such a launch.

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