Download Notepad++ 5.5.7

logoOkay so talking about Notepad++ is a free source code editor and also text editor, and free source as in “free speech” and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. It runs in the MS Windows environment, it is legal as in it is governed by GPL License. It supports tabbed editing, which allows working with multiple open files in a single window. It has features for consuming and creating cross platforms plain texts files.

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Download Notepad++ 5.5.6

logoNotepad ++ was first released on Source Forge as a Windows only is a text editor and source editor that supports tabbed editing which allows working with multiple open files in a single window. The application is developed by Don Ho and is written in C++. Notepad ++ is distributed as free software based on Scintilla editor component. It features syntax highlighting, code folding and limited auto completion for programming, scripting and markup languages.

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Download Notepad++ 5.5.5

logoNotepad ++ is one of the finest and decorative app for editing text. It is a multi tasker app works on multiple content at a time successfully and accurately. Its size is 4.2 MB only which makes it more reliable and crash free. It was developed in 2003 by Don Ho. It is a licensed app currently available in eighty four languages across the world which is a hefty number.

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Download Notepad++ 5.5.1

logoNotepad++ is an open source code editor, which roughly translated in layman language, means that it is a text editor program designed particularly for editing the source code of computer programs. It can either be a stand-alone program or it can also be a built into an IDE. Quite an engaged and proactive community is behind the development, functioning and revolutionizing of Notepad++. It is written in C++ language and hence occupies much, much less space than you would expect it to (2.7MB).

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Download Notepad++ 5.4.9

logoThe artificial intelligence has revolutionized to an unbelievable stage. Today, people no longer take days to code and decode text containing various symbols, formats, etc. The recent popular application of text editing is the Notepad++. It is a platform for source code editor using with Microsoft Windows. It simply allows various users to create documents. It is written in C++ using editing component Scintilla. Mouse-based MS DOC program which was released in 1983 had been the earlier version of Notepad++. Since 1985, it was included in all versions of Microsoft

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Download Notepad++ 5.4.8

logoNow, programming has become easier after the Notepad++ has come into existence. The software is best in its class and works even better than old Notepad. It has more features and abilities that you would rarely get in old notepad. The software has scintilla which helps the software to keep the file size smaller and the speed faster. The programme is made with C++ language. The programme is also considered as the best programming software. The software is free and makes your works easy with its auto save option. It would help you in saving your information when working. No information would be deleted if your system or file shuts down unexpectedly as it would get saved automatically.

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Download Notepad++ 5.4.7

logoNotepad ++ is a text editor and source code editor which made to use with Microsoft Windows. The program is written in C++ and can be operated only on Microsoft Windows. The most important feature of the software is that it allows working on multiples windows at the same time. Notepad++ is a free software. The name comes from the C increment operator.

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Download Notepad++ 5.4.5

logoNotepad++ is a text editor and source code editor to be used with Microsoft Windows. The ’++’ comes from the C increment operator of C language. It’s a free software, written in C++ language, that has been downloaded over 28 million times. In 2011, Lifehacker described Notepad++ as “The best programming Text Editor for Windows”. Notepad++ comes with wide range of features listed as follows. Let us click on read more and read the features. Continue reading “Download Notepad++ 5.4.5”

Download Notepad++ 5.3.9

logoNotepad ++ is a free editor that supports several languages for editing. It has syntax highlighting and syntax folding that enables the user for easy editing. the
application is a text editor and a source code editor that soused for the operating system of Microsoft Windows. There are various formats of editing showing the versatility of this product and also shows the credibility of this product. the application is a text editor and has an access to various languages. It is also produced in a number of languages including Afrikaans, Arabic, Bengali, Bosnian, Brazilian, Persian, Kazakh, Indonesian, English, Chinese, Catalan, Hindi, Punjabi, Turkish, Vietnamese, Welsh, Japanese and many more.

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