Download Notepad++ 8.0.8

logoNotepad++ is a an open source software that makes it easier for you to edit codes and develop them too. The application is an upgraded version of the old Notepad. The app is available only for the Windows PC only. It cannot be therefore downloaded in any other device. You would not have to pay anything to get this app as it is available for free of cost. The application lets you highlight syntax in the document. The application is based on scintilla which makes it a fast application.

Features of Notepad++ 8.0.8

Here are some of the features of Notepad++ which make it one of the best texts and source code editors in the market, even among the best of its competitors-

  • Syntax highlighting is allowed in the app.
  • The users can use it for free of cost, they would not need to spend anything on this application.
  • Code folding is allowed in the application. You can hide part of the code in it which will help in making it to look clean and debug.
  • The application can be downloaded in the windows Pc only.
  • It allows the users to find and replace the codes using its feature.

How to download Noteapd++ 8.0.8?

To download Notepad++ app in your device you would have to click on the given below link. Once downloaded you would need to locate it in your download folder and install it.

Download Noteapd++

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