Download Notepad++ 14.0.7

logoNotepad++ is an application that you wuld be able to use for the coding. Be it in any language, java or c++, the application supports all types of languages. Your can use this application for free of cost so there would be no fees to pay. The application has a simple interface that allows you to use it easily.

Features of Notepad++ 14.0.7

  • The application use scintilla which makes it fast application and
  • It has GPL license that also enhance the speed of the software.
  • There are various coding languages supported by this app.
  • Notepad++ is environment friendly as it has less carbon emission.
  • It has syntax highlighting feature available.
  • Users can enable macros in it.
  • It uses more than 84 regional languages which allows the users to use it in their own language.
  • While coding, it allows colour coding and attachments of braces.
  • It allows various coding languages like python, C, SQL, C++, Turbo, Java , Win32, Scintilla STL, and much others.

How to download Notepad++14.0.7?

To download the app in your device you would need to click on the given link. It will open the download page. Download the app for the windows by clicking on the download. Open the app and follow some instructions to install the app in your device. Agree to the terms and conditions. Now, enjoy coding in your favourite coding language.

Download Notepad++

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