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logoAlmost all computer science students will know the difficulties with programming and coding. Even a single minor mistake will affect the output. Text or code editors have a very important role in coding because its design and features can make things easy or difficult. Source code editor should have a well equipped with the appropriate libraries (consisting of definitions required for a program), compiler and executer. It is actually the features of the source code editors like the efficiency of the compile, the number of programming languages that they support, file saving facilities, etc determine their popularity amongst coders. In this article, we shall look into the features of Notepad++, one of the best source code editors. Notepad++ is a freely distributed text and source code editor. It gets its name from the notepad, which is supplied with a windows software and the increment operator of C++, a programming software.

Features of Notepad++ 5.3.3?

Following are a few of the exciting features of Notepad++ software-

1. Syntax highlighting: Notepad++ displays each term of the code in different colours, depending upon the type of term (like variable names, names of header files, etc).
2. Code Folding: You can hide the edits you have already made so that there is no confusion regarding the edits.
3. Support for many programming languages: Notepad supports 70+ programming languages like C, C++, D, Python, CSS, HTML, etc.
4. Plain text reading: Notepad++ also allows you to open and edit basic file types like .txt, .doc, etc.

How to download Notepad++?

If you want to download Notepad++ and try its features, open the link to download the file and follow the on-screen instructions for installing it on your system.

Download Notepad++

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