Download Notepad++ 5.5.9

logoNotepad++ is a text editor. It the year 2011 Life hacker described Notepad++ as the- best programming text editor windows. It supports tabbed editing, which allows working with multiple open files in a single window. It is distributed as a free software. Notepad++ uses the Scintilla editor component.

How to download Notepad++ 5.5.9

Following are the features of Notepad++:

  • It launches with different arguments.
  • It has a feature of auto -completion. As in it completes word, function and gives function parameter hints.
  • It has user defined syntax highlighting and folding.
  • Perl Compatible Regular Expression search/replace.
  • Its Graphical User Interface entirely is customizable, like minimalist, tab with close button, multi-line tab and vertical document list.
  • It has a document map.
  • It uses multi document tab interface.
  • It has a feature of multi-view.
  • You can zoom in and zoom out.
  • It supports multi-language environment.
  • It has bookmarks.
  • It has macro recording and playback facility.
  • It has features which improve plain text editing experience in general such as auto save.
  • It finds and replaces strings of texts with regular expressions.
  • It has guided indentations.
  • Additionally, it has a simultaneous editing feature.
  • It lines operations, including sorting, case conversion, and removal of redundant whitespace.

How too download Notepad++ 5.5.9?

It supports macros and plugins and has been marked for its robust plugins which enabled various new features to be integrated into the program. It also supports internationalisation through XML files in an application. If you prefer a simple, lightweight and extensible programming plain text editor, our first choice is the free, open-source Notepad++. So hurry up and download the app through the link given below!

Download Notepad++

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