Download Notepad++ 5.6.9

logoNotepad + is a free and open source code editor that supports a large number of languages. It is basically a replacement of Notepad and comes with advanced features which were lacking in Notepad. Developed by Don Ho, it is written in C++ and supports tabbed editing which allows working with multiple open files in a single window. This allows multi-tasking. Notepad ++ is available for use with Microsoft Windows only.

Features of Notepad++ 5.6.9

The application comes enabled with the following features which make it a unique application-

  • It features syntax highlighting and the latest version of Notepad++ can highlight the synaptic elements of Assembly, Makefile, LISP, Action Script, Ada, and many others.
  • The language list also displays two special case items for ordinary plain text. One is the Normal text which comes by default and the other one is MS-DOS Style which tries to emulate DOS era text editors.
  • Notepad++ has features for consuming and creating cross platform plain text files. It recognises three newline representations CR, CR+LF, and LF and can convert between them on the fly.
  • The application comes integrated with a large number of features that improve plain text editing experiences such as autosave, guided indentation, simultaneous editing, line bookmarking and tabbed document interface.
  • It supports multi language environment with almost 84 language translations availability.
  • Macro Recording and Playback are other important features of the application.
  • The graphical user interface is highly customisable.

How to download Notepad++ 5.6.9?

Notepad ++ comes free for download. It can be downloaded using the link given below-

Download Notepad++

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