Download Notepad++ 6.6.4

logoTired of using paid apps to work on writings ,then this very useful for you .NOTEPAD++ is a free and open source software that gives you a powerful editor in it . it enables you to run in MS Windows environment. This NOTEPAD++ enables you to use of several different languages from across the world . It has its efficiency in both speed and time , that is it has higher execution speed and eats less space in your device .You are always welcomed to translate Notepad++ into your native language ,if there is no translation present before . Since it is a free software work infinitely with your notes ,how much ever you want . It is open source software by GPL licensing hence stay updated daily with your editor by getting new technologies . Notepad ++ is also eco friendly because it reduces carbon dioxide by using less power consumption.

Features of Notepad++ 6.6.4

The amazing feature of Notepad++ are :

  •  It is completely free and open software , stay updated for free.
  • It has different language versatility , by having almost all the languages in the world.
  • Faster execution speed ,therefore less time consuming.
  • It occupies less place in your device.
  • Maximum zoom-in and zoom out is possible ,with bookmarking ,multi view ,multi language support ,multi documenting interface wand along with macro recording and playback.

How to download Notepad++ 6.6.4?

To download NOTEPAD ++ in your device :

  •  Navigate to NOTEPAD++ button here,Click on download button and Install it in your PC.

Download Notepad++

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