Download Notepad++ 6.7.1

logoNotepad++ is an advanced version of the ‘Notepad’ application, which implements coding algorithm for several programming languages and developed as a code editor for technical computational processes. It has a size of 4.42 MB and synchronizes syntax coding to develop tabbed scripts for production of various augmented texts and program files. The Notepad++ coding masters many attractive features that are rarely seen in other editors for Windows. Created in the year 2003, Notepad++ continues to be one of the most widely used coding editors due to it being an automated and free software, by software engineers, programmers and computer specialists till date.

Features of Notepad++ 6.7.1

1. The Notepad++ application supports HTML, C, C++, Java, Python, PHP, ASP and other programming languages which are mainly utilized in coding theory and practical algorithms.
2. It also displays features like autocompletion, syntax programming, line bookmarking and code folding that are efficient for program use.
3. Plugins are supported by Notepad++ that have helped to link other attributes with this advanced version so that extra services such as ‘text sorting’ in html can be done.
4. The ‘++’symbol beside the name indicates advanced stroke on the basic version indicating tabbed interface, syntax highlighting, autosave and other features.
5. The application supports script managing and line operations to report programming schedules.

How to download Notepad++ 6.7.1?

1. Click on the given below download link and download the app.
2. After downloading the file, install it and run the application in a new window.

Download Notepad++

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