Download Notepad++ 7.0.1

logoNotepad++ is a text editor allowing you to develop codes very easily on this editor. If you have used Notepad earlier, then you might be knowing its importance already. Notepad++ is the upgraded version of that old Notepad. This software is available for free of cost which means that your work would not suffer in any way for not subscribing it as there is no cost involved and you can enjoy it freely. The application allows you to use it in more than 84 languages as developers of the software kept it in mind while designing it that not all people belong to same language.

Features of Notepad++ 7.0.1

The Notepad++ software is one of the most popular text editor and it comes with many useful features. Here is the list of its features-

  • This software is available for free so no user would need to spend money on it.
  • It is available only for the Windows platform. Therefore other platform users would not be able to use this app in their device.
  • The application allows users to fold codes and syntax highlighting.
  • The application allows you to enable macro on it.
  • Multiple coding languages are supported in this application.

How to download Notepad++ 7.0.1?

To download Notepad++ in your device you would need to click on the given below download link. This link will open the download page. Here you would be able to download the software.

Download Notepad++

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