Download Notepad++ 7.0.6

logoNotepad++ is a free coding software for editing and coding. This text editor has a collection of almost 70 plus languages. It is better than the basic version of notepad software as it provides a wide range of coding languages to choose for coding context. This software is easy going for the users as it has enhanced features like a variety of coding languages, making coding much more easier and planned, auto saving and many others.

Features of Notepad++ 7.0.6

  • Features like syntax highlighting, colour coding braces, tabular support, and many others which makes coding easier are accessible.
  • This software provides various new opportunities to try new languages other than the most commonly used like C++, Java , php, turbo, SQl, phyton, etc.
  • It has a feature of auto- saving and auto-recovering of documents.
  • Notepad++ has colour coding.
  • Users can set plugins and FTP support as default settings.
  • This software works with windows 7, windows 8, windows vista, windows 2000, windows 2003 and windows XP.

How to download Notepad++ 7.0.6?

  • To download the software in your device you will need to click on the given below download link.
  • And your file will begin to download, save that someplace that you’ll be able to easily find.
  • Open the file and begin the installation process.
  • Now, click on the run button and finish. That will open up a new notepad window in the background.
  • Now notepad++ is ready to be used.

Download Notepad++ 

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