Download Notepad++5.7.8


It is a free Text editor. It is a lightweight application and does not take a lot of computer resources. It is very similar to Microsoft Notepad or any other text editors. But it adds up a lot more of features for computer programmers. It is a favourite app used by many users for text and computer editing.

Features of Notepad++5.7.8

 It highlights the syntax, different keywords, brackets and closing braces are highlighted.
 It has a feature to collapse different blocks of codes. You can collapse and hide your coding if you are don working on it. This makes it much easier to navigate the programme.
 It supports most leading programming languages about 50 different programming languages.
Notepad++  is completely customizable.
 You can use multiple documents.
 Tabs can be dragged and dropped from the top easily using mouse button.
 For long files, there is a feature called “Document Map” which shows what area of the document we are currently working on.
 Function list button – it is a very handy feature which gives a gist of all the feature present on the application

How to download Notepad++5.7.8?

 Click here to download the app
 Download the latest version and install it on your PC.
 Now, to create a new document -CTRL-N
 Choose the language which you need your programme to be in. For example- Python.
 To paste the code- CTRL-V
 Now, to save the code and save it in your PC -CTRL-S
 To open a file – go to tool bar > open button or CTRL-O
 To comment/ uncomment – use CTRL-Q
 CTRL- F it is used to highlighting the text and helps to find files.
 That’s all. Now you can start using Notepad++ like a pro.

Download Notepad++

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