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logoThe notepad++3.8 was released on 22th October 2006 by notepad++ as a replacement to the previous notepad. Written in c++ , it uses the powerful editing tool scintilla and runs on the Microsoft operating system. Thus free source code editor supports various programming languages. The notepad consists of latest features but hasn’t compromised user friendliness. It also increased it’s processing and execution speed  and reduced programme size. The main idea behind this version is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It uses less could CPU power which enables the PC to use less power thus curbing carbon dioxide to be released into the environment.

The notepad is highly recommended to both amateur and professional programmers. Being created in 2003 by Don Ho, the notepad has come a long way from being a simple Java based source code editor. The notepad++ was described as the best programming text editor for Windows in 2011. With these salient features the Notepad++ has been quite successful in impressing it’s critics.

The features of the notepad++3.8 :

  • User defined syntax highlighting and syntax folding.
  • Working on multi document with a multi view.
  • Auto completion
  • Searching and replacement for expressions supported.
  • Multi programming languages supported.
  • Zoom
  • Bookmark
  • Auto detection of file status.
  • Guidelines for brace and indent.
  • Running macro multiple times feature.
  • Memorizes the position of each file while saving.
  • It creates a new file if a file that is to opened does not exist.
  • Drag and drop supported.
  • Macro reading.

How to Download Notepad++ 3.8?

Click the below given button and download the Notepad++ 3.8 app. Install and enjoy the app.

Download Notepad++


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