Download Notepad++ 3.9

logoFor all the developers and programmers Notepad has been a first choice. But Now, a better replacement of that Standard Notepad has entered the market. Notepad++ is the replacement to standard one, and it is far better than the previous one. It has lots of useful features that make your coding easy.

Changelogs of Notepad++ 3.9-

  • It has added the capacity to clear read only attribute of the text editor.
  • It has made the application to remember the bookmarks, white spaces and the zoom levels of each saved session.
  • The previous version of Notepad++ had a bug of reload, it has been now fixed by the developers for read only file.
  • The system attributed files can now be written as company has added this capacity.
  • On each save, it will now backup the file.
  • It has now added a close button for each tab.
  • To close document feature, it has added a double click option. This option is now kept as optional.
  • It has added a word completion feature, which can be executed by Alt+Space keys.
  • The previous version had a line number margin display bug, which has been now fixed.
  • It has introduced TeX folding support.
  • Company has now made the option of Maintaining indentation as an optional feature.

How to download Notepad++ 3.9?

To get this text editor for all your coding purpose you can click on the download button. Install the file you will get after downloading.

Download Notepad++

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