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logoNotepad++ is an open source text and code editor that is available in several languages. Notepad ++ is designed for the Windows platform and is licensed under the GPL License. It is a freeware written in C++ program and is based on the editing component called “Scintilla”, which ensures faster executions speed and smaller program size without compromising on anything by using Win32 API and STL. Notepad ++ uses less CPU power than its competitors by optimizing routines while still retaining user-friendliness.

Features of Notepad++ 4.4

Here are some features offered by Notepad ++:

  • Notepad ++ enables users to clearly distinguish between statements and syntax by clearly highlighting Syntax and also supports Syntax Folding.
  • It also supports User Defined Syntax Highlighting and Folding so that users can clearly distinguish between written code.
  • Supports Search/Replace function using PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expression).
  • Offers fully featured GUI customization such as tab with individual close buttons,multi-line tabs, vertical tab and a minimal approach to enhance overall productivity.
  • For ease of access, Notepad ++ supports Auto-completion featuring Auto-function completion, Word completion and including the hint to Function parameters.
  • Custom Bookmark support offers easy navigation to the required part of the program.
  • Notepad ++ can be initialized with different arguments eliminating the need to input parameters on every launch thus saving valuable time.
  • Notepad ++ can record as well as playback Macro(s) eliminating the need for dedicated macro verification methods.
  • It is available in multiple languages.
  • One can zoom in and zoom out as required into various parts of the program.
  • Multi-View support enables programmers to view multiple programs at once.

How to Download Notepad++ 4.4?

Download Notepad ++ from the given button and code your programs with ease :

Download Notepad++

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