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logoThe notepad ++ is a source code and text editor for use along with Microsoft Windows. The notepad++ allows the user to work on multiple open files at once as it supports tabbed editing. It is a free software, initially hosted on where it has been downloaded over 28 million times. After this, the software was hosted on TuxFamily and now has been hosted on GitHub. The software was initially released on November 24, 2013 and the stable release was the 7.5.8 version on 24 July, 2018.

Features of Notepad++4.5

  • 84 Languages- The software is available in 84 languages few of them being Chinese, Danish, English and Portuguese. This makes the app more acceptable around the world.
  •  Plugin-Notepad++ allows plugins and macros enabling various features to be added on to the program. There are over 140 plugins that are developed by the source code editor.
  • Autosave-The software saves the file or documents the user is working on even if in case the user forgets to do so. This means the user does not have to worry about power cuts and technical issues.
  • the split screen-This feature allows the user to open to files or documents at the same time and allows synchronized scrolling which makes multitasking easier. The user does not have to waste much time because of
    this feature.
  • Free of the cost-The app is absolutely free of cost and can be downloaded by any Windows user.

How to download Notepad++4.5

Notepad++ can be downloaded by clicking on the link given below.

Download Notepad++

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