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logoNotepad ++ is free-to-use text as well as code editor which has millions of active users throughout the entire world. Licensed under the GPL, makes it free to use as well as redistribute. The software itself is written in C++ and makes use of Scintilla. This component helps the program mark an increase in the overall execution speed as well as results in smaller program size since it uses the STL and WIN32 API. Notepad ++ also contributes toward the green planet moment by optimizing part of the application code which results in fewer CPU cycles overall.

Features of Notepad++ 4.7.2

With an active community and a vast user base which includes various people from around the world, Notepad++ is one of the most translated apps on the entire planet. Here are the features-

  • Search and replace is performed using PERL.
  • Includes the ability to pass the custom number of arguments on every program launch reducing the need for work done repetitively.
  • Supports User-defined syntax as well as user base defined syntax folding.
  • A specially designed multi-tab user interface lets users see and compare various codes and functions without having to switch to another window.
  • Zoom in and out of code to clearly see what is written.
  • Bookmark lines from the code easily visit them later if required.
  • An inbuilt Macro recorder makes sure no external software or plugin is required saving space.
  • Highlights statements and syntax with different colors so as to clearly distinguish between the code and the text.

How to download Notepad++ 4.7.2?

Get this app and master your coding skills :

Download Notepad++

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