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logoNotepad++ is a source code and text editor which is available only for Windows PC. This application has been of lot of help to the students as well as the developers due to its certain features. One can not only write codes for C and C+ programs, but also for java. Notepad++ supports java and even checks the syntax for any error. It supports multiple languages and one can even open other tabs while working on Notepad++. It uses less CPU power which makes it an environment free application. Notepad++ is a free application which makes it all the more easier for the users to use it. Some of the noticeable features of Notepad++ are stated as follows.

Features of  Notepad++4.8

 Notepad++ is one of the safest application available for source code editing. Though it is always better to check the application for any malware as many websites provide the link for the download.
 The application supports plugins, which means that one can modify or introduce any new feature to the application through the plugins.
 It is an open standard application which allows the user to modify the application according to their need, and also the source code to download the application is free.
Notepad++ can even act as a compiler if an external plugin is introduced. This would enhance the application for the benefits of the user.

How to download Notepad++4.8

Though Notepad++ is not available for Mac users. You can download the application from the link provided below.

Download Notepad++

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