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logoNotepad++ is a source code editor and a text editor for effective use in the Microsoft windows driven devices. Tabbed editing is supported by this application which means that it can work with multiple files opened in a single window. Like many applications it was hosted on which led to over 28 million downloads through this. It was a free software and inbuilt in windows devices. This application received award for Best Developer Tool. From 2010-2015, it was hosted on TuxFamily.

Features of Notepad++ 4.7

  • This app has main feature of syntax editing, code folding and auto completion for programming.
  • It also includes scripting, markup languages which are the most key features of the application.
  • This application can autosave the changes and editing in the files without any manual saving.
  • Strings in the programming code can be found and replaced with regular expressions in this app.
  • Guided indentation and line bookmarking are another worth mentioning features of notepad++.
  • Simultaneous editing and split screen editing are made possible through this app enabling the user to do simultaneous work while using notepad++.
  • Tabbed document interface of this application attracts user to prefer this application.
  • Removal of redundant whitespace, case conversion, sorting and line operations are extra features of this application.

How to download Notepad++ 4.7?

The all-in-one place application which allows all the editing with many features is Notepad++. Click link below to download and install notepad++ in your device.

Download Notepad++

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