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logoNotepad ++ is a popular code and text editor used by millions of people worldwide. It is licensed under the GPL which means it is free to use. It is written in C++ and is based on an editing component Scintilla. Compared to the rest of the code editors, Notepad ++ offers a smaller program size and faster execution by using pure WIN32 API and STL. It does so by optimizing many routines resulting in fewer CPU cycles making it more user and environment-friendly.

Features of Notepad++4.6

  • Notepad++ supports multi-tab browsing meaning you can work on 2 programs in parallel.
  • Users can also highlight various user defined syntax if they need be and it also supports user defined syntax folding.
  • It is available in many languages worldwide with support for new languages being added by an active community of developers and volunteers.
  • Includes the ability to zoom in and out of various parts of the program window.
  • It also supports Bookmark and can also create custom bookmarks making navigation in large program relatively easier.
  • Sports an inbuilt Macro recorder and also supports macro playback reducing a lot of user overhead.
  • Notepad ++ also highlights statements and syntax in a clear way so that users can easily tell the difference between the two.
  • As opposed to various code editing software, it supports passing various arguments on every launch thereby helping the programmer by reducing the need for repititive work.
  • The search and replace function is achieved using PCRE.
  • Notepad ++ integrates the popular Auto Completion feature which also supports writing popular functions as well as supports hint to those function parameters. It also has an auto word completion feature.

How to download Notepad++4.6

Click here.

Download Notepad++



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