Download Notepad++ 4.8.5

logoNotepad++ is essentially a free source code editor and is the successor of Notepad. The software supports various different computer programs and helps the users to edit these computer programs. Notepad++is however only available for Microsoft Windows computers and is absolutely free of cost. The software runs on GNU General Public License version 2 and supports tabbed editing. Notepad++ is a fairly easy to use software and anyone can easily use this software. The software basically uses the Scintilla editing component and is voted one of the best source code editing apps for Windows.

Features of Notepad 4.8.5

  • Free of cost- Notepad++ is absolutely free of cost and the users do not have to pay any money to use this source code editor. Unlike other editing software, Notepad++ is absolutely free.
  • Tabbed editing- It allows the users to edit two different files at the same time. This makes it easier for the users to edit files without making any mistakes and saves time.
  • Supports various different languages- It supports various different computer languages. The software can edit 84 computer languages without having to pay for it.
  • Find and replace tool-It has a unique find and replace tool that helps the users edit easily without having to waste much time in looking for the mistake.
  • Easy to use- It is one of the easiest code editing software available in the market. The user does not have to be a professional to use this software.

How to download Notepad++?

The link to download Notepad++ is given below. Click on the link to start the download. Install the software after download.

Download Notepad++

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