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logoA text editor, as well as source code editor associated with Microsoft Windows, is called Notepad++. Working with multiple open files within a single window is done by tabbed editing in notepad++. This software is free open source software. Don Ho developed notepad++ in September 2003. It was written in C++ and uses pure Win32 API and STL which ensures higher execution speed and smaller program size.

Features of Notepad++ 4.9.1

Notepad++ has come up with Autosave option. It supports reinterpreting the plain text files in various character encodings and even convert them to ASCII.
 You find options to control background and foreground colour, fonts, font styles, and much more. You can even create your own theme. Keyboard shortcuts are also completely available to make the editor fit for your work.
 It provides syntax highlighting and syntax folding. It finds and replaces the strings of text with regular expressions using PCRE (PEARL COMPATIBLE REGULAR EXPRESSIONS). Its GUI (Graphical User Interface) is completely customizable.
 In addition to the above, editor comes with 20 themes that you can activate under settings. Themes only change the part where you code where-as the rest remains unchanged or untouched.
 It is provided with guided indentation. you can control whether tabs aligned vertically, horizontally or behind one another.
 It has a very active community behind it and is available in many languages. The editor only take up about only 4mb on your hard drive.
 It supports more than fifty programming, scripting and mark up languages. It is highly portable and even run from a USB stick.
 Line bookmarking, macros, simultaneous editing, line operations are also some of the features of notepad++.

How to download Notepad++?

Download the software by clicking on the link provided to experience best text editing.

Download Notepad++

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