Download Notepad++ 4.9.5

logoNOTEPAD++ is the source code editor along with text editor. It was put forward by Microsoft windows. This supplication is a free and an open source software. Don Ho is known as the architect of this application. He developed this app in the year of 2003. Tabbed editing feature is the newly introduced feature for multi-tasking. Higher execution speed and smaller program size is ensured by inbuilt Win32 API and STL programs as it was written in C++.

Features of Notepad++ 4.9.5?

 The main notable features of this app are bookmarking, macros,
simultaneous editing and line operations.
 It is known for its 50 programming, scripting and mark up languages for user friendliness.
 This app can also work from a USB stick and is portable.
 This app’s editor just takes only 4 mb of your hard disk for its installation
and working in any mode.
 This application runs through guided indentation. In editing user can align tabs in any alignments that he/she wanted to.
 Customization of themes is another astonishing feature in which you can
change the theme in settings which just changes the interface but not the
 In addition to these, color, font style, size can be customized and you can
even create a new theme.

How to download Notepad++ 4.9.5?

Click the link given in the description of the article for availing all the
features mentioned above through installing NOTEPAD++.

Download Notepad++

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