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logoFor all the developers and programmes, Notepad has been a great application. The company has now introduced an advanced version of that old Notepad, which is known as Notepad++. It is a source code editor which allows you to create programmes using C++ language. It has got GPL licence. This programme supports multiple languages and let’s you programme the commands. This software has been designed keeping in mind about environment safety. This programme consumes less CPU which reduces the carbon emission. Indirectly,this saves our environment. This app is available for free of cost. Thus, if  you are not willing to spend money now, you can use Notepad++ for your purpose.

Feature of Notepad++ 5.0

Notepad++ has following features-

  • It allows users to use the software in multiple windows. You can create programmes easily using multiple windows.
  • It allows users to use different languages to create programme.
  • It supports MS windows only.
  • It allows syntax highlighting defined by users.
  • It has a drag n drop option, which let’s you move file easily.
  • You may use the zoom option which let’s you zoom in and zoom out the file.
  • It has a feature of auto completion, which saves a lot of time of yours.

How to download Notepad++5.0?

You can get this app in your PC by just clicking on the button. You will get it just below the article.

Download Notepad++




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