Download Notepad++ 5.3.7

logoNotepad ++ is a free source code editor that supports a number of languages and runs in Microsoft Windows. The application has been written in C++ code and uses higher resolution speed while its operation. In simple words, the application is a text editor that edits textual matter in a way that the user wants to use. The application is user friendly and aims at creating a creative outlook towards textual matters. The application is available in more than eighty – two languages and is available to cater to Microsoft Windows as its operating system. The best part is – that the application is absolutely free of cost and does not have any costs involved in it.

Features of Notepad++ 5.3.7

The following are the features of the Notepad ++ application –

1. The application has a feature called auto save which helps the application to save files on its own accord and makes it easy use.
2. The application has guided indentation which helps the user to follow step by step formula for usage
3. The application also provides with the ability of something caked the line bookmarking which allows the user to stay in line, helping in the management of the same.
4. The user has simultaneous editing features which are very handy. It helps in the user to make edits while still writing the content.
5. The best feature of this application is the technique of synchronized scrolling that enables the user to scroll the information on a uniformed
speed and also another impressive feature that comes in use is the split screen editing.

How to download Notepad++ 5.3.7?

The following application can be downloaded from the link below-

Download Notepad++

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