Download Notepad++ 5.3.9

logoNotepad ++ is a free editor that supports several languages for editing. It has syntax highlighting and syntax folding that enables the user for easy editing. the
application is a text editor and a source code editor that soused for the operating system of Microsoft Windows. There are various formats of editing showing the versatility of this product and also shows the credibility of this product. the application is a text editor and has an access to various languages. It is also produced in a number of languages including Afrikaans, Arabic, Bengali, Bosnian, Brazilian, Persian, Kazakh, Indonesian, English, Chinese, Catalan, Hindi, Punjabi, Turkish, Vietnamese, Welsh, Japanese and many more.

Features of Notepad++ 5.3.9

The following are the features of the application –
1. Notepad++ has an auto save feature that directly saves information as and when it is typed or coded into the application.
2. The application has guided indentation of information to avoid problems in the same.
3. The application also has a feature of simultaneous editing which works wonders since the application keeps a track of edited information and makes the work of the application easy to use.
4. Notepad ++ also supports internationalization through XML files in an application specific format containing all internationalized strings in a particular language that can be reloaded from application settings.
5. The application also has support for Macros and Plugins and has a grand plugin architecture that enables various different features to be integrated in the program.

How to download Notepad++ 5.3.9?

To download the application click on the link provided below-

Download Notepad++

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