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logoThe artificial intelligence has revolutionized to an unbelievable stage. Today, people no longer take days to code and decode text containing various symbols, formats, etc. The recent popular application of text editing is the Notepad++. It is a platform for source code editor using with Microsoft Windows. It simply allows various users to create documents. It is written in C++ using editing component Scintilla. Mouse-based MS DOC program which was released in 1983 had been the earlier version of Notepad++. Since 1985, it was included in all versions of Microsoft

Features of Notepad++ 5.4.9

Enlisted below are some of the salient features of Notepad++ –
1. It provides a multi-language platform.
2. Multiple windows with multiple files open under the same window.
3. It supports Syntax highlighting along with Syntax Folding.
4. It has been customized entirely by GUI.
5. It also provides room for auto correction.

How to download Notepad++ 5.4.9?

To download Notepad++ in your device click the download button. Once downloaded the file you would have to follow the instructions after opening the software. The software is easy to use as it has got an easy user interface. Notepad++ can be operated with the following simple steps.
1. Open the pre-installed app and select the language of choice.
2. Click C++ from the language pop-down menu.
3. Input a suitable title to you program starting with “//”.
4. Enter the preprocessor command which is #include
5. Declare the program using open brackets and close it with closing brackets.

Get this app and enjoy programming with ease.

Download Notepad++

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