Download Notepad++ 5.5.1

logoNotepad++ is an open source code editor, which roughly translated in layman language, means that it is a text editor program designed particularly for editing the source code of computer programs. It can either be a stand-alone program or it can also be a built into an IDE. Quite an engaged and proactive community is behind the development, functioning and revolutionizing of Notepad++. It is written in C++ language and hence occupies much, much less space than you would expect it to (2.7MB).

Features of Notepad++ 5.5.1

  • 50 programming languages, mark-up languages are supported along with highlighting the syntax and code folding.
  • Quick coding is a necessity, especially if the coding is lengthy. Notepad++ is one such tool that allows the user to enjoy the benefits of features like – auto-completion of words, auto-indentation etc.
  • You, as a user, will be able to access Notepad++ even if you have Linux, Unix which is not probable mostly but never impossible. In any of the compatible device, you can use the feature ‘search and replace’ in long, very long documents to quicken the procedure.
  • This editor can be customized in the way only you would have imagined and wished. Bonus points for 20 different themes.
  • Another potentially useful feature of this multifaceted code editor application is Document Maps and Multiple Cursors.
  • Notepad++ has all the plug-ins you can possibly think of.

How to download Notepad++ 5.5.1?

In the competitive market of all open source code editors, Notepad++ stands out for its environment-friendly interface and the features mentioned above. Without any further ado, click on the link below to
download Notepad++.

Download Notepad++

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