Download Notepad++ 5.6.5

logoNotepad++ is a new improved version of old Notepad. It is basically a text editor which helps the programmers to design their programmes. The software is available for microsoft windows and works in DOS. The software is available in different languages, so if you are not comfortable with English, you can choose any of the language from other 83 languages. The software is available for free of cost which makes it available for all type of users. No premium version is available, which means each and every feature of this software is available for you for free of cost.

Features of Notepad++ 5.6.5

Notepad++ comes with the following features which make it apt for developing programmes-

  • This software supports tabbed editing, thus multiple tabs can be opened at a time.
  • It is available in C++ language which makes it easily executable for any programme.
  • The application is available in almost 84 languages.
  • It has a feature of Auto save, which ensures the safety of your data even if you forget to save it. It will get auto saved because of this feature.
  • It supports macros as well.
  • The bookmark feature is available which allows you to bookmark the lines.

How to download Notepad++ 5.6.5?

If you are looking for the download method, we are here to help you. The download link is provided below this article. Click on it and download the app in your PC.

Download Notepad++

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