Download Notepad++ 6.4.8

logoNotepad++ is an editor used to edit text and source code of almost any format or type. It is an application provided in Microsoft Windows. It supports several programming languages which can run in Microsoft Environment. It also has support for macros and plugins. It also contains various types of fonts and styles which enable the users to put their creativity forward in a more attractive way. It is a replacement for the previous Microsoft’s notepad. Notepad++ provides high execution speed and small program size.

Features of Notepad++ 6.4.8

1) Thanks to the user-defined language dialog, Syntax folding and Syntax highlighting are applied on the XML document.
2) Words are auto-completed while the user is typing.
3) Multiple Files can be opened, edited and saved at the same time.
4) Lines and words can be bookmarked.
5) The file can be zoomed in and out.
6) Objects and items can drag and dropped in into the file while it is being edited.
7) It provides multi language supported environment.
8) We can bookmark the lines, words and also pages.
9) Notepad++ provides Line operations, Includes sorting and also Case Conversion.
10) It also removes redundant whitespaces.
11) Data typed is auto saved.
12) It also provides guided Indentation.
13) It also finds and replaces text with regular expressions.
14) The SQL Plugin in notepad is useful for some simple data analysis.
15) It also includes the macro recorder and it has the ability to redefine short keys.

How to download Notepad++ 6.4.8?

To download the software, click on the below given link-

Download Notepad++

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