Download Notepad++ 6.4.7

logoFrom the creators of the popular text editor Notepad, comes the free open-source text editor Notepad++. Notepad++ provides a lot of cool features like advanced text editing features. The best thing about Notepad++ is the list of extra downloadable plugins.

Features of Notepad++ 6.4.7

  • Notepad++ supports more than 52 programming, scripting, and markup languages such as C, C++, HTML, PASCAL.
  • It supports syntax highlighting and code folding.
  • You can contribute in different ways by submitting bugs and feature requests.
  • Notepad++ auto-completes words, functions, function parameters, and brace- highlighting allow you to code quickly and easily.
  • It offers a search and replace features with various options.
  • Line operations such as split-join, sort, and move are included in it.
  • You don’t need to install it in your main hard drive. Instead, you can run
    from a USB drive as it is highly portable.
  • You can customize the user interface like controlling the tab alignment, working split-screen with more than one file and a working full-screen mode.
  • The Notepad++ editor comes with 20 different themes to choose from.
  • You can control background and foreground colors, font styles, fonts, and thus create your own customized theme.
  • Isn’t it boring to edit one place at a time? Notepad++ lets you several places at once and saves your time in the process.
  • Have you ever heard that software is Environment-friendly? Of course not. Well,
  •  Notepad++ optimizes as many routines as possible and uses less CPU power which in turn reduces power consumption and saves the environment.

How to download Notepad++ 6.4.7?

to download click below-

Download Notepad++

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