Download Notepad++ 6.5.2

Notepad++ is a Microsoft windows software which is used as a text editor and source code editor. It supports all the coding languages just like the C language. The Notepad++ was developed in September 2003 by Don Ho who was a senior software engineer. The Notepad++ was developed by using the Java based text editor but did not give the required best results so the developer decided to develop it by writing in the C++ with scintilla. The Notepad++ is now available in 84 different languages. The Notepad++ was released only for the windows and was not developed for the other platforms. The notepad++ is based on the scintilla text editor and and only uses the Standard Template Library to reduce the size of the program and increase it’s performance. The Notepad++ has laterally won many awards after it’s development and has won the “The Best Programming Text Editor For Windows” and was nominated as the most used text editor worldwide.

Features of Notepad++ 6.5.2

1. The Notepad++ has the features of highlighting the syntax and can be used for syntax folding.
2. It also has the feature of zooming in and out respectively.
3. The plain text files can be reinterpreted in various character encodings and can convert them to ASCII(American Standard Code for Information Interchange), UTF-8 and UCS-2.
4. The Notepad++ can automatically complete the words and functions on its own when given the hints.
5. It supports Multi-view with which multiple number of documents can be processed at a time.
6. The Notepad++ supports multiple languages and it is user-friendly.

How to download Notepad++ 6.5.2?

The Notepad++ can be downloaded from the following link-

Download Notepad++

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