Download Notepad++ 6.5.3

logoNotepad++ is a free to use open source editor software that can be used to edit or write text files and also edit source codes for Microsoft Windows. It was release initially on November 24, 2003 and is an extended source of Notepad having better specifications. As Notepad++ is a free source editor, it is licensed under the GPL License and can be used and run in both computers and mobile phones.

Features of Notepad++ 6.5.3

  • What makes Notepad++ unique from Notepad++ is its having a wide selection of programming languages. Furthermore tabbed interface, syntax highlighting, auto completion etc can also be added. Much like these here are some more features this editor offers.
  • The Notepad++ supports more languages, unlike Notepad. Notepad++ supports C, C++, Resource File, Java, Assembler, MS INI File, HTML, Javascript, PHP, ASP, Pascal, Python, Perl, Objective C, LUA, Fortran, NSIS, VHDL, SQL, VB, and BATCH.
  • Creating and consuming cross platform plain text file can be done in a
    very easy way by using Notepad++.
  • Notepad++ also has the features of improving plain text editing such as
    Auto save, Guided indentation, Line bookmarking, Split screen editing
    and synchronized scrolling etc.
  • In some extend, the Notepad++ allows multiple open file texts working
    at the same time in a single Window or Computer.
  • Lastly, the size of Notepad++ is only 4.42MB which is small in size and
    can run easily in every Microsoft Computers.

How to download Notepad++ 6.5.3?

Downloading Notepad++ doesn’t require much hustling. The user can simply click o the given below download link from where it can be downloaded to the PC and for Smartphone Users.

Download Notepad++

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