Download Notepad++ 6.5.4

logoThere are number of applications present in the market for purpose of making notes. Every operating system is coming up with their own applications for the writing purpose. But the problem with these notepad applications is that it is only providing single function and that is writing normal texts and nothing else. For other functions we have to always switch between the different applications like for coding in different languages we need different applications or compiler, for making notes in different format we need different application. To resolve this problem there is one famous application present in the market named as Notepad++. Notepad++ is such a great application which can provide so many option and functionalities at one place and making life of the users much easier. It was discovered by the Don Ho back in 2003 and since then it is providing its services to the users and earned the place of best note making application. It is not only for the making notes but also it can be used for the coding purpose, it is providing environment to run codes of number of different programming language.

Features of Notepad++ 6.5.4

  • It has a very smooth interface, although it is providing so many options in single window but still it doesn’t look messy.
  • Notepad++ provide us option to write code in so many language like: C++, C, Python, R-language, HTML, CSS, PHP, LISP, RUBY, SQL, JAVA, JAVA SCRIPT and many other languages.
  • It is very reliable in nature and runs very smoothly without any lagging.
  • It is free of cost and anyone can download it from its official website or from the application store.

How to download Notepad++ 6.5.4?

To download the Notepad++ app click below-

Download Notepad++

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