Download Notepad++4.2.1

logoNotepad++ is a text editor and source code editor developed by Don Ho. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows operating system and is available in 84 different languages for the ease of users. It offers tabbed editing so as to open multiple files in a single window. It has been titled as the best developer tool which can be accessed for free. It uses Scintilla editor component for best results. It has been designed with other tools for better performance and reduce hassle. It is governed by GNU Public License and runs under Microsoft Windows operating system. It offers keystroke shortcuts due to its compatibility to macros. It is enabled under GitHub for proper working and features.

Features of Notepad++ 4.2.1

  •  It offers syntax highlighting, code folding and auto-completion of programming (in limited areas), scripting and other markup languages.
  •  It creates cross-platform plain text files.
  •  It identifies and converts CR, CR+LF and LF newline representation.
  •  It converts text files into ASCII, UTF-8, and UCS-2.
  • It is facilitated by auto-saving, search and replace strings with expression, indentation, bookmark, continuous editing, sync data, page operations, and tabbed document interface.
  •  It supports macros and plugins.
  • It supports simulated typing and internationalization in the specific format
  • It supports several programming languages and natural languages as well.

How to download Notepad++4.2.1

This editorial software offers all its features and services free of cost. It is a very good tool for professionals and programmers. You must have this installed on your PC. So as to get this, click on the button given below and download Notepad++.

Download Notepad++

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