Download Notepad++ 4.0.2

logoNotepad++ is an open source code editor. This is the best for those who want more than a notepad in order to edit Syntax. It is a lot more than this, it also offers some great features like loading files of any size, drag and drop support, changing colour of the symbol, searching and replacing text, macro recording and playback etc. Other than this it also offers many languages such as  c, c + +, java, html, xml, php, javascript, makefile, ASP, VB, SQL, Objective-C etc. This is also highly recommended for when we need to create or edit relatively small codes. It supports several programme languages which is really an indispensable tool for all the developers. It is also coded like C++ with win32api that is to ensure speed and size of the programme. Overall, it a great code editor with some really amazing and worthy features.

Release notes of Notepad++ 4.0.2


  • Fix the crash issue regarding the docking feature.
  • Fix the crash issue for Find in files feature.
  • Fix the crash issue while pressing close button in Windows dialog (menu “Window->windows…”).
  • Fix the bug that the docked dialog can not be resized by dragging splitter under w98.


How to download Notepad++ 4.0.2?


  • Start the process by clicking on the download button.
  • Then, Click on the Apk to start.
  • Start installing the Notepad++ App and follow the instructions that appears on your device.
  • And like this you have to complete the whole process.
  • When its done you are good to go.


Download Notepad++

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