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logoOne of the best text editors and source code editors available for programmers is the Notepad++.This was developed by Don Ho in November 23rd 2004.It has the ability to open multiple files in a single window. It is written in C++ language and the operating system it supports is Microsoft Windows. The digital platform available for notepad ++ is the 32 bit version and 64 bit version of  X86 instruction set. This is freely available and the size of this software is is small.The license given to this software is GNU General Public License version 2 and is available in 84 languages. The execution speed of this software is very high due to the usage of pure Win32 API and STL and also reduces the program size. The editing component of this app is based on Scintilla. This app is trying to be environmental friendly by reducing the power consumption of CPU and this reduces the carbon dioxide emission.

Features of Notepad++ 4.1

  1. Notepad++ features syntax highlighting used for programming.
  2. The currently editing file can be hidden or displayed so as to do routine operations on the file. This is called code folding.
  3. It can be translated into any language as per the user’s choice.
  4. This software also accepts cross platform plain text files.
  5. General text editing features such as autosave , autocomplete, simultaneous editing bookmarking etc are also present.

How to download Notepad++ 4.1?

  1. Click on the download button.
  2. Open the executable file & choose the language.
  3. Click I agree and it will be installed.

Download Notepad++

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