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logoNotepad++  is a replacement to the old notepad that you were using till now. You can code it more easily than before. This is an improved form of standard notepad, giving you more offers than before. It supports win 32 and uses scintilla for coding. It is considered as a greener notepad, because the developers have tried to save environment with less carbon emission with the development of this app. This will application would not take high CPU usage resulting in a less carbon emission.

Change logs of Notepad++ 4.1.1

Following are the changelogs of Notepad++ 4.1.1-

  • During Find in files operation, unnecessary memory leak has been fixed now.
  • When switching to find in file operations or launch, you can insert default value to filters and directories.
  • Double clicking on Find in files result had a crash bug, this has been fixed now.
  • In preference under miscellaneous, link clickable option would be now optional.
  • During search in all opened file in multiview mode, the crash issue is now resolved.
  • In find dialogue box, close button was misplacing which has been now fixed by the developers.
  • Different users would be able to have different set of plugins besides their basic set.

How to download Notepad++ 4.1.1?

You can download the app easily with just a click. Download the app by clicking on download button. Open the apk file and start installing it in your device. Once done with installing, you can use the app.

Download Notepad++

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