Download Notepad++ 4.1.2

logoNotepad++ is an improvised version of our very own standard Notepad. This app has not only got higher speed but it also reduces the programme size. This app is a free source code editor, suitable for all the developers who love coding. It has drag and drop feature that helps you to manage files easily. You can also use the multi view feature of this app to view multiple files. The developers have added highlighting feature of user defined syntax.

Release notes of Notepad++ 4.1.2-

  • The previous version 4.1.1 had a crash issue when was updating from an earlier version. This issue has been fixed now.
  • The settings “Remember the last operation directory” : this parameter is remembered by acrossing the sessions, had a bug in previous version. This bug is also fixed in this version.
  • Ruby source file buffer overflow bug is fixed now.
  • Improvement in User Define Language keywords buffers from 1024*20 to 1024*30 characters.
  • It has now Increased the buffer of Extension defined by user from 20 to 256 characters in Style Configurator.
  • The bug of user defined keywords field in Styler configurator is now fixed by the developers of Notepad++.
  • Added URL “Notepad++ Home”, “Notepad++ Project Page”, “Online help” and “Forum” into menu.

How to download Notepad++ 4.1.2?

Want this source code editor? Tap the button that you will find below and download it.

Download Notepad++

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