Download Notepad++ 5.5.5

logoNotepad ++ is one of the finest and decorative app for editing text. It is a multi tasker app works on multiple content at a time successfully and accurately. Its size is 4.2 MB only which makes it more reliable and crash free. It was developed in 2003 by Don Ho. It is a licensed app currently available in eighty four languages across the world which is a hefty number.

Features of Notepad++ 5.5.5

Peculiar Characteristics of the Notepad++ are as follows :

  • It acts as a Guided notch and impression.
  • It is Synchronous in editing and writing.
  • It is a Document creator in various languages enabling different countries users to access it in their respective languages.
  • It enables the user to convert a plain text document into different formats provided in its manual.
  • C++ and java along with many others are the supported languages here.
  • It consists of Playback and bookmark options available with full authenticity.
  • It is a user friendly app in some or the other ways, enhancing its popularity
    among the youths.

How to download Notepad++ 5.5.5?

Downloading Procedure of Notepad++ is being stated below :

  • Navigate the download option of  Notepad++ and click on the download option displaying on the same.
  • After the successful download, open your download folder and click on Install Notepad++. The installation will proceed.
  • After it comes a dialog box displaying Next, click it and continue.
  • After agreeing with the license agreement, the Notepad++ is ready to use.

You can now use this software in your PC and develop programmes.

Download Notepad++

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