Download Notepad++ 6.5.2

Notepad++ is a Microsoft windows software which is used as a text editor and source code editor. It supports all the coding languages just like the C language. The Notepad++ was developed in September 2003 by Don Ho who was a senior software engineer. The Notepad++ was developed by using the Java based text editor but did not give the required best results so the developer decided to develop it by writing in the C++ with scintilla. The Notepad++ is now available in 84 different languages. The Notepad++ was released only for the windows and was not developed for the other platforms. The notepad++ is based on the scintilla text editor and and only uses the Standard Template Library to reduce the size of the program and increase it’s performance. The Notepad++ has laterally won many awards after it’s development and has won the “The Best Programming Text Editor For Windows” and was nominated as the most used text editor worldwide.

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Download Notepad++ 6.5.1

logoNotepad++ is one of the popular publishing text supervisor and source code editor launched in numerous languages worldwide and is being accessed in Microsoft Windows. Using Notepad++, users are able to operate on multiple files in a single window with its special feature named as tabbed editing. It also has a special feature where users are able to decode Notepad++ across their native vernaculars and coding it. It also has a special attention which focuses on diminishing carbon-dioxide emissions and can optimize routines in this specified user-friendly program. Notepad++ is an open source software which can be downloaded and are currently in use by around 28 million users.

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Download Notepad++ 6.5.0

logoNotepad++ is a new software which has replaced the old notepad. The software has been designed for developers which helps them to create codes. Users can use it more efficiently then the old notepad. The software use scintilla. It allows multiple tabs on the window which will make your work easier. The software is available for windows PC. You can get and use the software for free of cost as it is a fee software. It allows the use of multiple languages as it supports regional language as well. So, if you don’t know English well, or want to use the software in your own language then you can do that easily.

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Download Notepad++ 6.4.9

logoNotepad++ is a free source code editor and text editor that is used for Microsoft Windows that has several languages whole world-wide. User can work with multiple files in single window using the feature of tabbed editing offered by Notepad++. It is a free software that has been downloaded over 28 million times. Notepad++ supports internationalization through XML files that can be reloaded from application settings. It is a user-friendly program that optimizes many routines and is trying to diminish carbon dioxide emission. Users also can translate Notepad++ into their native languages and enjoy coding it.

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Download Notepad++ 6.4.8

logoNotepad++ is an editor used to edit text and source code of almost any format or type. It is an application provided in Microsoft Windows. It supports several programming languages which can run in Microsoft Environment. It also has support for macros and plugins. It also contains various types of fonts and styles which enable the users to put their creativity forward in a more attractive way. It is a replacement for the previous Microsoft’s notepad. Notepad++ provides high execution speed and small program size.

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Download Notepad++ 6.4.6

logoNotepad++ is a free source code text editor based on the Scintilla text editor. It is written in C++ and is programmed very lightly. Although it is similar to its predecessor Notepad, it comes packed with amazing features like advanced source code editing tools. Notepad++ is mainly used for source code editing and it can also be used as a text editor. The main thing that makes it stand out from other text editors is its fully customizable interface.

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Download Notepad++ 6.4.5

logoThis is the age of computer coding and programming; every engineer of any field knows how to code a computer program. These days every work is happening on the computer and on its technology so for future and even in the present there is big need for computer programmer. Being as a computer programmer I know where the problems are in creating a good, effective and optimized program and the one of the most common problem is not having a multi-dimensional code editor which performs well in each and every condition. But to solve this problem we have one great application knows as the Notepad++ which is providing us feature to write code in different languages, also helps us to create normal text files, compile our codes and many other features.

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Download Notepad++ 5.9.9

logoNow enjoy text editing with a range of coding languages with the help of Notepad ++. It is a text editor which makes editing text a lot more easier by the use of mouse and keyboard . In notepad ++. It also allows automatic attachment of braces and colour coding whenever you are coding . It has better features than Window’s Notepad.

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Download Notepad++ 5.9.6

logoNotepad ++ is a text editor which allows coding languages like C++ and any other coding to be coded in this software.allows various functions by just scrolling the mouse and keyboard Like for example , mouse scrolling cam=n allowing zooming in of document. It is very practical application . It also allows the use of programming languages and codes them automatically with braces and colour coding. It has better features than Window’s Notepad.

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